Diane Andrews
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Diane was born in Wellington NZ. She and her husband Dennis grew up in New Zealand but moved to Australia so their two teenage children could have better options for their future.

She has worked in many jobs from laboratory assistant to waitress to theatrical wigmaker, but after the couple’s youngest child left home, they both decided to go on a big adventure - one that hadn’t been done before. They’ve never believed in being tied down to places and things and this helped them to embark on the journey.

 Diane’s first sailing experience was on day one of  her book:Little Ship - Big Trip. She now lives in Cairns, is involved in many activities from fossicking to writing, and often sails the tropical waters of the north. She lives on a boat in the harbour opposite the historic Cairns Yacht Club and manages Adventure Yarns. Her husband Dennis works at a large slipway nearby.

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