Rowhan Marshall
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Rowhan was born on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia in 1961, and regards himself as fortunate to have been brought up in a supportive middle class family.

Although he never excelled at school, he learned the value of perseverance and nurtured a curiosity about his environment, which developed into a yearning for adventure.

At eighteen he joined the Royal Australian Navy, spending two years at sea.  He then finished his military service in an Australian Army Infantry battalion based in North Queensland.

After a year of travelling overseas in some remote corners of the world, he came to appreciate how richly diverse our planet is and more importantly, felt privileged to be living in Australia.

After a number of years working for search and rescue organisations he decided to pursue his greatest passion “ the Australian bush. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Applied Science, he commenced work as a Ranger in the Northern Territory for the next six years.

Recently, he™s been employed as a fire ecologist in northeast Victoria, and will soon be managing a ski lodge with his German girlfriend in the Victorian Alps. Next year he plans to build a house on a bush block, and of course, plan his next adventure.

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