Tony Haigh
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Tony Haigh was born in Bradford, England in 1973. His father and eldest brother both had a military background, so it seemed to be his destiny to also join up.
 In 1989 at the age of 16, Tony joined the Junior Leaders Regiment, Royal Artillery in the U.K. The basic military training lasted one year. The training was both physically and mentally challenging as only a quarter of his troop completed the year. He specialised in signalling and was also trained in leadership. His first posting was with 45 Field Regiment in Paderbourne, Germany and took the role as Artillery Signaller. He later served in numerous tours of duty including The Gulf War in 1991, Northern Ireland and four tours of the Balkans.
 While serving in the Army he specialised in Artillery Intelligence with an emphasis on weapon recognition and counter-mortar radar. In 1997 he completed a Special Forces selection course. 33 attempted the course and only 4 passed. Tony completed a number of specialist courses including Specialist Recognition, Combat Survival (including resistance to interrogation), instructor’s course and unarmed combat. He has also attended various language courses.
 Through his service in the military, countering terrorism became one of his major interests. His first experience was in Northern Ireland where he encountered terrorism first hand when facing the IRA in a six month tour of duty. He also served in a counter terrorism surveillance role in Ireland watching the routines of possible targets and building profiles of associations.
 Tony left the Army after 10 years service and to further serve his country  remained in the Territorial Army (army reserve) also in a similar role. He subsequently worked as a civilian team leader in counter terrorism, specialising in surveillance detection. His role was to watch for possible terrorists on the streets of London, conducting covert surveillance and follows. He also attended various subject matter courses run by the U.S. government, where his expertise in the field became his passion.
 Today Tony is a qualified licensed Security Risk Assessor and has recently been accepted as a member of the- International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA), which is a credited association of counter terrorist specialists around the world and based in the USA.
 He lives in Australia with his wife Samantha in the western region of Sydney. Tony Continues to specialise in risk assessments and counter-terrorism awareness for business companies. He has recently returned from Iraq where his expertise was used to teach the Iraqi police ethical procedures and counter-terrorist tactics.
 Tony writes part time to share his experiences with others

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