Sunday, August 7, 2022

Going After a Look? It’s Doable with the Clever Use of Bathroom Tiles

With the advent of new, improved and affordable building materials, the home has seen renovations that have turned personal bathrooms looking like those found in luxurious hotels.

The reason why it is possible to create these looks in homes is due to the smart use of materials such as bathroom tiles Adelaide.

Have you ever walked into a bathroom of the hotel and wondered why you had a grand feeling? When you walk into a bathroom of a plush hotel, you cannot ignore the clean appearance and bright tiles. In fact, the whole look gives you an air of being very important, making an entrance into such a deluxe room. Such is the impression that the owners are trying to reproduce in their own home.

Generally, there are four types of looks you can achieve with natural tiles.

Simple and Minimalist

The contemporary look is ideal for the modern bathroom. These tiles are best with contemporary bathroom vanities. They are smooth to the touch and do not have intricate designs on them. The only decision you will have to make here is colour. Choose something that complements your overall theme.


Smooth, Patterned  Tiles

An alternative to the simple and minimalist look is to use similar tiles, but with patterns on them. The designs may be swirling that create a stylish and elegant look. These tiles for the bathroom can help prevent the bathroom from looking too dull.



Every time marble is mentioned, you immediately get an idea of how the design is going to look. This is because we have all been exposed to marble tiles – they are so widely used! Patterns are somewhat subtle. Therefore, these are the best bathroom tiles Adelaide to use if you go for a more luxurious and classic look.



There are two types of mosaics you will find on the market. The first type is the traditional mosaic tiles commonly found in older bathrooms. They are available in many different colours and can be used to create elaborate designs and patterns if desired.

If you are desiring a bathroom that looks more out of the ordinary, however, you can consider using the second type of mosaic – glass mosaic. Glass mosaic tiles are similar to ordinary mosaics when installed. The critical difference is that there is a brightness that cannot be found in any other type of tile. Also, keep in mind that the glass reflects light very well. Imagine that the light is reflected over the tiles, and you will immediately get a good idea of whether the overall look is something you want or not.


When it comes to bathroom tiles Adelaide, playing with lighting is the key to success. Creativity plays a critical role here. Check with your bathroom designer to see if, the tiles will look good in your bathroom with the right lighting.