Sunday, August 7, 2022

What to Know About Animal Cooling Systems

Most people are familiar with outdoor misting and have felt the relief that comes with a misting fan on a hot day. But what about livestock? Cows, horses, and chicken are just a few livestock animals that have a low tolerance for heat stress and are at great risk of suffering health problems if left in such conditions. Fortunately, the concept of misting fans helps keep the livestock comfortable using barn cooling systems. Horse owners, farmers and the like can get quality barn cooling systems – Alfresco Spaces to provide their livestock with the much need heat relief.

Unlike the typical misting fan, animal cooling systems use flash evaporative cooling to lower the temperatures more effectively than regular fans ever could. Using atomised water droplets, these cooling systems ‘flash cool’ the hot air found in a barn instead of simply moving the air around. Most importantly, advanced misting units such as these are easy to use. A garden hose water connection makes easy hookup, while oversized wheels make transport over rough terrain easy.

Horses are at high risk during summer when skyrocketing temperatures and humidity combine to make the body heat accumulate faster than the horse can handle. But they aren’t alone in being at risk. Cows are as well vulnerable to heat stroke or even death due to high temperatures. Which also affects milk production as well as egg output in chickens. Therefore, with the best Barn Cooling Systems – Alfresco Spaces, you can be sure to keep your livestock comfortable and have steady production.

Keeping your livestock or horses cool during summer is more than an act of kindness. It is a matter of safety. Barn cooling systems act as the first line of relief when summer temperature rise and make the conditions comfortable and livable for the animals. Summer will always be there, and from past experiences, it is getting more intense every year.

Barn Cooling Systems - Alfresco SpacesTherefore, as you plan your home conditioning, you should as well consider getting high-quality Barn Cooling Systems – Alfresco Spaces. Not limited to livestock, here you’re sure to find quality cooling systems at affordable prices for animals. Alfresco Spaces have been in this business long enough and knows what different clients are looking for. The cooling systems come in various designs, sizes and technology and so you’re sure to find one that meets your livestock cooling needs. You also get a warranty which comes in handy in case of problems after installation. Browse a site for more home and livestock cooling solutions.