Sunday, August 7, 2022

Perks of Net Bale Wraps

Arguably the two most preferred methods in making round bales in livestock farm settings these days are those that take advantage of traditional twine and net wrap. You can’t go wrong with both because they are available, regardless of where you are in Australia.


Even though twine has been in use a lot longer than net bale wrap, it does not mean it is a more useful tool. Traditional twine is becoming increasingly obsolete these days because farmers are starting to realise how efficient and productive net wrapping is, and we’re here trying to talk about its perks.


  1. If you use a net wrap, it means you will experience a faster and more efficient baling process. It is the foremost and paramount characteristic of net wrapping that will convince you to make the switch. If you ask anyone who makes a living in animal or livestock production, they will tell you that a quick baling method is critical in making a profit since it means having enough supply of food for the livestock in the shortest possible time. With a net wrap, faster and more efficient baling is possible since it only requires two and a half turns to come up with a full wrap. You do not get that same benefit if you are using conventional twine. So, if your objective is to come up with more bales, then the net wrapping is your best bet. Whenever you need fewer turns, it also corresponds to reducing expenses, particularly fuel and labour.



  1. Another critical benefit of using net bale wrap is you’re getting improved productivity, especially if you are hoping to invest in large-scale animal or livestock farming. You probably already understand at this point that food preservation and proper storage are crucial for the success of the investment and doing so means the use of a useful tool like a net wrap. The truth is the level of productivity with a net wrap will double about baling. It is of great help when it comes to your hope of increasing your output. It is another reason why thousands of farmers across the country have decided to make that switch.


  1. You must understand that the use of net wrap for baling is likewise about preventing increased outdoor storage. Since not everyone benefits from an indoor or roofed silo for the bales, it means there is no other option but to go for outdoor storage. The most significant challenge of outdoor storage is that there is an increased likelihood of spoilage and losing the product due to deterioration caused by the weather. Fortunately, the use of the net wrapping method will prevent that from happening. With natural water shedding features, you are confident that your bales won’t be affected by the weather, including the rain, moisture, snow, and even the sun.