Sunday, August 7, 2022

3 of the Best Rendering Adelaide Types for Your Home

Rendering is an essential type of cladding option that you apply to the outer part of your home. The main reason why homeowners use rendering is to protect their homes from the effects of weathering. Besides, it also prevents rainwater from penetrating the walls and hindering the foundation of the house. If you’re thinking about rendering your outer walls, you should know which among the different types are the best rendering Adelaide. Listed below are three of the best renders that you can find in your local hardware or home improvement store.



Cement Render


Cement renders are among the most used type of renders out there due to its commonality and ease of use. It’s also popular for its extreme durability. It’s known as the stronger option when compared to the lime render – the most widely used render option out there. Apart from adding a certain level of sturdiness to your walls, it also adds a layer of protection. Cement renders are either sealed or painted, which adds to its already formidable quality. Overall, it can help prevent the penetration of moisture and dampness into your walls. While it’s an overall fantastic type of render that you should consider, it does have its drawbacks. For instance, you can’t use it on older homes because of the potential of it cracking or breaking easily due to the already weak structure of the house.


Lime Render


We mentioned lime render before as being a less durable version of cement. While that may be the case, it’s still an excellent render to try due to its versatility and unique features. Also referred to as ‘Natural Hydraulic Lime Render,’ this type of render has been utilised on all kinds of buildings for years. Among the different varieties of rendering options available, lime renders provide the most breathable protection to your walls. Unlike cement, it can expand and contract with the coated surface. This feature alone makes it one of the best choices for old or wooden surfaces and building.


Polymer Render


While regarded as a newer variant, Polymer is currently one of the best rendering Adelaide options available out there. It utilises a silicone water repellent as part of the rendering process. This gives it the feature to repel water quickly on the surface, preventing moisture from penetrating through your walls and hindering its quality. However, it does let water vapour pass through to allow the substrate beneath it breathe. That’s why it’s perfect for brick and wooden houses.


If you’re looking for the best rendering Adelaide option, these three types are all you need to choose. For more information on residential and commercial rendering, check out our blog page.