Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Does Using a TENS Machine Really Works?

A TENS machine is a portable appliance that delivers a temporary, direct electrical current. The current applied is small enough to produce mild discomfort but not strong enough to cause lasting injury or impairment. In addition, the small amount of current delivered is not enough to damage any muscles or internal organs but is very effective at providing relief from pain. When used under appropriate circumstances, a TENS machine can eliminate pain almost immediately.

Choosing TENS machine Australia by ZoeTech machine will depend on the type of pain needed and the amount of time you need relief from your symptoms. TENS is also known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and uses small electrical currents to produce pain-free benefits for your body. Regular application of the TENS machine will often lead to reduced pain within just hours of use. TENS is generally thought of as a therapeutic device and not a curative device. However, the level of pain reduction improves with prolonged use; however, the amount of electrode placement relative to the affected muscles will also decline with continued use.

TENS-machine-Australia-by-ZoeTechThere are many types of TENS machines on the market, including static (preferably with static Hz), portable, battery-operated, and battery-powered models. The most common electrical impulses delivered by the machine are: pulse rate, which is the average speed of electrical impulses, and are usually in the form of waves, and targeted pain area, which is pre-determined. Some TENS machines are dual-purpose, with the pulse rate providing targeted pain management while the electrical impulses offer relaxation. In addition, several types of TENS machines are designed specifically for babies, which deliver relaxing sounds through baby monitoring.

There are several theories on the effects of electrical stimulation on the body, some supported by scientific research while others are not. According to some studies, low levels of motivation, such as those that occur during exercise, can increase endorphin levels in the body and reduce pain thresholds. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that reduce pain and reduce the feeling of stress and discomfort.

TENS machine Australia by ZoeTech can influence the nervous system, directly affecting the nerves attached to the spinal cord. Electrical pulses can pass through the skull and reach the spinal cord, where they are routed to the various nerves in the body, thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. It is believed that the spinal cord is directly affected by the electrical impulses, causing the decreased pain signals from the brain to the nerves. In addition, the electrical impulses cause the release of chemicals, including endorphins, into the body, which is then released into the spinal cord and surrounding areas. Endorphins promote a state of comfort and relaxation, reducing the intensity of the pain signals the brain receives.

Patients often experience relief from pain using a tens machine. The machine provides long periods of relief from chronic pain but only temporary relief from severe pain. When the temporary effect of the device wears off, the patient may start to feel pain again. This cycle can be frustrating, as no temporary relief can help someone who needs long term relief from severe pain. Therefore, using a tens machine is only helpful if it is used regularly.