Sunday, August 7, 2022

Plumber – The Movie Review

In the film “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, starring Michael Caine, Plumber Gawler (Caine) is an Irish plumber who works for a drainage company. He has been hired by Henry Lindsay (Campbell) to repair a leaking pipe at the apartment building where he lives. Lindsay is repeatedly having visions of his deceased wife, Emmett, whom he loved. He also regularly visits the cemetery next to their apartment building and sees a figure in white clothing standing next to a stone headstone. One night, he sneaks away from his apartment in the middle of the night and ventures into Lindsay’s home, where he finds out that his neighbour, Gawler, has been having an affair with his wife.

plumber GawlerAs the relationship between Plumber Gawler and his employer develops, the two begin to have words about each other, and it all becomes very personal. Theirs was an intense love story in which they played out in many scenes. The relationship between Plumber Gawler and his father, Richard, was equally enjoyable. They were both very protective of one another and were even close to fighting frequently.

There were many humorous moments in this movie, but one of the best was when the plumber’s son, Mikey (Emmett Spooner), gets locked in the garage by his mother, afraid of Mikey cutting her hair. After getting some help from fellow plumbers, the two boys manage to get the lock open. When they return, they find that Mikey has been buried up to his neck in the sewage. Later in the movie, when the plumber buys a hot tub for the pool, he accidentally spills some oil on it. Some of it seeps into the floor drain and ends up in the tub, so Plumber Gawler takes a few minutes to clean it up before jumping in to fill up the tub. The irony is that he uses poor hygiene to clean the oil while leaving the pool so dirty that everyone can see it!

Another funny scene involves the wedding of Plumber Gawler’s daughter, Shaunda (Tina Majorino). In the beginning, she’s too shy to speak with her father, but when Plumber arrives in disguise, she greets him warmly and tells him that she loves him. Then, as the wedding begins, she gets caught up in the wedding processions and gets quite confused. Eventually, however, she manages to get the groom to promise not to spray her with the water until she dries up.

The movie isn’t just funny, though. It’s educational as well. You learn about proper installation of drainage systems, for one. You know about the different kinds of pipes and their different sizes and connections, and you learn how to identify problems such as backed up drains and clogged drains.

This movie is very well acted as well. Most of the characters are very realistic. They have backstories that will give you nightmares if you weren’t watching this movie for fun. One part of the movie that I especially liked was the use of humour. There aren’t many movies that come out of a city as scary as the one in this movie…