Sunday, August 7, 2022

Things You Must Realise About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy blends deep knowledge about how your body works with scientifically proven techniques for the diagnosis & treatment of injured patients. Besides assisting in managing/treating different medical conditions, physiotherapy helps maintain an individual’s general health. The benefits of physiotherapy are many, and it helps improve the strength, flexibility, endurance, and motor coordination of the patients. However, not all these benefits are directly benefitted through physiotherapy.

physio AdelaideMany patients experience injuries, damages, sprains, strains, and other ailments throughout their life. In some cases, severe injuries may result in permanent disability. Physiotherapy provides treatment for such situations by using techniques that target the causative factor. There are many cases where physiotherapy improves physical pain or discomfort associated with injury, muscle soreness, joint pains etc. Go to if you need help from a physiotherapist.

The physio Adelaide helps improve the function of the muscles and tissues to promote healing of the body tissues. Physiotherapy also aids in preventing and reducing disability due to stroke, heart disease, brain injury, cerebral palsy, paralysis, and many other chronic physical ailments. For patients with brain injury, physiotherapy plays an important role in providing essential rehabilitation and rehabilitative skills. Physiotherapy provides immediate relief from pain and other uncomfortable symptoms of brain injuries and prevents long-term disability.

In addition to providing temporary symptomatic relief from pain, physiotherapy helps improve the patient’s ability to resume normal and effective mobility. In some cases, physiotherapy techniques may even lead to the complete movement of the injured body part or limb. This depends on the severity and location of the injury. Physiotherapy also helps promote the natural ability of the patient to heal and recover from injuries through its systematic techniques.

Physiotherapy helps patients overcome the difficulties related to chronic pain. The physiotherapy program includes exercises for promoting joint mobility, strengthening muscles to facilitate the function of the joints, stretching and softening the skin for achieving a relaxed muscular tone. These exercises improve range of motion, reduce pain and stiffness and enhance endurance. The physio Adelaide program usually takes three to six months to show results. During this period, patients are encouraged to do moderate exercises daily to maintain or improve their ability to tolerate pain. As per a survey conducted by the American College of Physiotherapy (ACP), most physiotherapists recommend treatments that combine physical therapy and stretching exercises for movement to reduce pain.

Physiotherapy also includes non-surgical interventions like heat pack application, electrical stimulation, massage, compression garment use, and ultrasound, which control inflammation and pain. It also includes special and therapeutic exercises used to control pain, stiffness, and motor skill impairment. To treat low back pain, physiotherapy is used to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the injured area. Stretching exercises help improve flexibility and increase range of motion, which reduces pain.

For patients with psychological health problems and disabilities, physiotherapy is combined with other treatment methods like speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychoeducation, nutritional therapy and medication. It helps the patients to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Physiotherapists also provide services like educating patients on safety practices at the workplace, nutrition and fitness, and teaching them how to resume normal activities after an injury. They also perform the therapeutic exercise to improve muscle strength and endurance.