Sunday, August 7, 2022

How Much Does a Land Survey Cost?

If you are now in the stage of purchasing a house, keep in mind that before closing on the deal, you must obtain a land survey first. Land surveys or also known as property or location survey are professional drawings that outline the exact boundaries of a property. These professionals are also capable of measuring the dimensions and location of any home, structures, easements or any additions situated on the premises.

Not only that but also, their services may include any fence locations, elevation or topographic details as well as rights of way.

Mortgage lenders usually require their clients an up-to-date land survey. It is to confirm the boundaries as well as the contents of the land they are financing. Plus, it is also one of the best ways of knowing the exact amount needed for the project.

Generally, as part of your closing costs, your lender will expect you to pay for the surveyor’s fee. You can reasonably avoid a land survey and the price that comes with it if you opt not to use a mortgage loan to finance your purchase. Choosing to purchase a property with cash is the best example of this.

No fixed amount is the answer to your on-going question in mind about What is Surveyor Costs Adelaide. About $300 to $650 is the cost of the service. However, prices may vary greatly depending on several factors, like:

  1. Size

The larger the property, the more the survey will likely cost since most surveyors charge their service per acre.

  1. Terrain

For lands that are harder to access or navigate, most surveyors typically charge a premium amount. The most expensive ones are usually those steep properties or those with plenty of trees.

  1. Research

Besides staking out your land and measuring it, surveyors have other tasks to handle that is still relevant for your project. The historical and public information that is available for your property is what they will verify as well. However, it may also mean an additional fee but depending of course on how much research is required to do.

  1. Type of Survey

Compared to full mortgage or topographic surveys, basic boundary surveys cost much lesser.

Even if you can decide to avoid the costs of a land survey, you might not want to do it. Keep in mind that land surveys not only defines the boundaries of what you own, but it also ensures that your property strictly follows local zoning regulations. By seeking a land survey, you can avoid any disputes with your neighbours and other nearby property owners.

When buying a home, land surveys are not always necessary. However, if you wish to protect yourself as a buyer and better understand the property you are purchasing, seeking a land survey may be an excellent idea.