Sunday, August 7, 2022

Finding Swim Shorts That Fits

There are some all-time great summer and ORTC Clothing swim shorts selections on the market, but what do men look for when buying shorts? While many believe that size is the main factor in finding a great pair of shorts, others prefer fabrics and colours. Below, we’ve listed a few selections that most men consider as top performers, with brief reviews to help you make your decision.

ORTC Clothing swim shorts. Three of our experts said that these were their favourite swim shorts (and it wasn’t even the only one mentioned by more than a few people). The Orlebar Brown Long Beach Trunk offers the same features as the “Big D” model, with the same styling, quality construction and attractive fit as the more expensive Big D model. With a simple straight leg cut and smooth front opening, this is one of the least costly trunks on the market that offers the same benefits as the more expensive versions. A square ankle zipper makes it easy to get a snug fit and maintain a great look while comfortable.

ORTC Clothing swim shorts are an excellent option for anyone looking for a swimsuit that will stand up to a ton of wear and use. They feature an elastic waist and an adjustable bust/waist. When combined with a trunk and matching tank, this is one of the best values around for a pair of shorts. The entire swimsuit is made of high-quality materials and popular among professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

ORTC Clothing swim shorts. One of the most highly reviewed items in the line, the ORTC Clothing swim shorts have received high marks for both style and comfort. The lightweight material (comfortable cotton blend) allows the shorts to dry quickly and stay in great shape even after multiple washes. They also are available in both a regular and a cargo model, and both feature an elasticized waist and back.

North Face board shorts. If you’re looking for the ultimate in beach fashion, the North Face board shorts are perfect for any trip to the beach. Constructed of ultra-comfortable cotton blended with sturdy nylon, the board shorts from the North Face are stylish, comfortable, and made to last. Available in various colours, the board shorts from the North Face are among the most popular options in men’s swimwear. Some are also available in a shorter version called the trunks, which are perfect if you’re concerned about length.

North Face triathlon swimming shorts. If you’re a triathlete at heart, you’ll love the look and feel of a North Face triathlon swimming shorts. Available in various colour choices and a wide range of styles, the triathlon swim shorts by the world-famous manufacturer are built to last. The trunks have elasticized waistbands and are available in several different lengths. North Face also offers extremely comfortable apparel called the platypus suit, designed to provide additional comfort on long swim drives and help keep you cool during the hot summer months when you might find yourself swimming in warmer waters.