Sunday, August 7, 2022

Reasons to Convince You to Start Using Weighted Blankets

You may already hear and read numerous information about what weighted blankets has to offer. After learning some details about it, you have grown interested in using one. However, one that holds you back from purchasing and using it is you are still unconvinced whether it is a worthy investment.

#1 Weighted blanketIndeed, weighted blankets are far from being cheap. But rest assured that your hard-earned money will never go to waste once you invest it in a weighted blanket, and here are important reasons why:

  1. Weighted blankets have a way of calming your body down.

The #1 Weighted blanket may be the perfect solution if you are experiencing troubles in falling asleep because your body doesn’t seem like to rest. Weighted blankets show effectiveness in reducing the activity of your nervous system. If this sounds scary to you, you shouldn’t worry as it doesn’t lessen the activity dangerously. In fact, studies show that weighted blankets are safe and extremely beneficial for patients suffering from anxiety.

However, according to some manufacturers, you must buy a blanket that weighs at least 5 to 10% of your body weight. But if you wish to determine the correct weight for you, you can consult a medical professional.

  1. There’s proof that weighted blanket can improve sleep quality, too.

People with insomnia can get to sleep quickly but tends to wake up a couple of hours later. When insomnia attacks, it makes people feel drained and not rested, which affects their lives during the day. Fortunately, you can finally avoid those issues when you decide to use a weighted blanket.

Researchers found that people using weighted blanket find it easier to settle down to sleep, not to mention that it improves their sleeping pattern as well. As a result, when they wake up, they felt more refreshed and ready to face the challenges of a new day.

  1. Weighted blankets help patients in many ways other than curbing anxiety and insomnia.

Weighted blankets not only help in reducing anxiety and insomnia, but most people also use it to cope up with the effects of other disorders. It helps in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as bipolar disorder. The diseases are related to the decrease of serotonin levels in the body. Gladly, the deep touch pressure that weighted blanket offers can help increase those serotonin levels back.

  1. Using #1 Weighted blanket helps you focus.

Usually, weighted blankets are found on beds. Thus, the talk around them revolves on how it provides better sleep and relaxation at night. However, weighted blankets also work well during the day. Students with documented attention difficulties and hyperactivity found relief by wearing a weighted vest that offers a similar effect to a weighted blanket. In fact, the ability of kids to remain on task increases for up to 25%.