Sunday, August 7, 2022

Poolside Shade Options for an Enjoyable Weekend

Weekends are the best days for poolside activities with the kids and other loved ones. If you’re scheduled to host a weekend gathering with relatives, you should also consider how everyone will stay comfortable when the sun is up. Whether you opt for Quins Canvas Shade Sails Adelaide or other shade choices, check out these suggestions.


Shade Sails


This type of shade is prevalent in Australian households. You have various options in terms of colour, texture, and style. For the pool, it is best to go for light hues such as yellow, pink, or yellow-green.


If your swimming pool is close to the garden, you may want to choose a particular colour from a brown palette. You can also ask for advice from your Quins Canvas Shade Sails Adelaide experts on what colour and pattern will suit your upcoming activity best.




A pergola is one of the most beautiful options you have for garden shades. However, this is a long-term investment that may not be suitable for one-time events. If you will keep hosting family weekend meets throughout the year, this poolside shade may be a great choice.


Natural Shade


As cliché as it sounds, natural poolside shades are trees or tall plants that will keep your loved ones from getting a sunburn. Trees with spreading branches are the best, especially during the summer months. However, you need to keep cleaning the pool now and then to ensure that everyone will enjoy a splash without worrying about debris getting into their eyes or mouth.




Awnings are popularly used for patios or verandas. However, you can also use them to shade the poolside area where loved ones can relax during your weekend get-together. The installation process will be somehow complicated since you need some sort of a post to connect the awnings. Consult with the shade experts to ensure that you won’t make mistakes during the installation.


Umbrella Canopy


A big, wide umbrella canopy may also be a great choice and can also be used for multiple weekends. You can take it down after the event and get it back on for another gathering. You can also transfer it to a different part of the garden for other activities that will not involve swimming.


Poolside events are delightful and a great way to spend precious time with loved ones. Keep your family from being sunburned by using shade sails or garden shades that will suit your activities best.


For the installation, always ask for professional assistance. This way, you can reduce the chances of accidents or injuries.